Delivering Sustainable Food and Land Use Systems: The Role of International Trade

Delivering sustainable economic growth
Posted Oct 02, 2019 | Chatham House, Christophe Bellmann, Bernice Lee, Jonathan Hepburn

International trade and trade policies play an ambiguous role in the current food system. In the absence of effective regulatory frameworks or pricing frameworks that internalise environmental, social or health costs, trade can exacerbate and spread challenges like deforestation, land degradation, greenhouse gas emissions, biodiversity loss and the shift to unhealthy diets. In their paper for Chatham House, Christophe Bellmann, Bernice Lee, and Jonathan Hepburn explore core trade-related issues affecting the food and land use system, and propose constructive ways forward in reconfiguring the global trading system to deliver a more sustainable and healthy diet for all. and Food Systems Hoffmann Centre.pdf



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