How should Africans respond to the Investment, Technology, Security, and Trade Wars?

Addressing vulnerability and promoting security
Posted Oct 06, 2019 | Brookings Institution, Peter Draper,

In sub-Saharan Africa, where 34 of the current 47 least developed countries are found, many states are unequipped to grapple with the challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, limiting the extent to which their economies can capitalize on it. Peter Draper suggests in this article for the Brookings Institution that as the global “strategic competition” intensifies, Africans could be forced to choose between an emerging authoritarian, China-led “bloc” and a countervailing, relatively liberal, U.S.-led bloc. African countries need to diversify their trading relationships by accepting meaningful free trade areas (FTAs) with external powers. Such FTAs should be seen through the prism of attracting investments in global value chains from complementary economies. They should be leveraged to channel Aid for Trade investments into building institutional capacities to enhance capacities to trade.


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