Building and expanding on existing theories of welfare economics, Jacques Bughin and Eric Hazan of the McKinsey Global Institute simulated how technology adoption today could play out in future. Their key finding is that two dimensions will be decisive - and in both cases, business has a central role to play. They argue that artificial... Read More

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The benefits that marine biodiversity and ecosystems provided to human societies are not shared equally among countries - and climate change will only exacerbate inequalities. In this Working...  Read More

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In this article for the Global Policy journal, Maciej Ceglowski argues that ambient privacy plays a key role in civic life. When all discussion takes place under the eye of software - in a...  Read More

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Eurasia is emerging as a fluid space in which Russia and China are challenging the Western liberal order. Moscow and Beijing are linking their Eurasian integration projects, the Belt and Road...  Read More

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