Vision of the FutureWorld Foundation

To advance the public good and promote human development by balancing individual freedom with community responsibility and respect for the ecosystem on which we depend for our survival.

The biggest challenge we have faced throughout history is balancing the rights and the obligations of the individual against those of society. This challenge has engaged philosophers and jurists across the ages, and lies at the heart of the great religions.

Ensuring that the pursuit of human welfare and happiness does not destroy the environments in which societies are embedded, has become a second great challenge.
All successful civilisations have attempted to harness human creativity by balancing individual freedoms with responsibility for the welfare of communities and the ecosystem upon which they depend.

The glorification of markets and the disproportionate focus on individual freedom over the past thirty years have disturbed that balance - with disastrous consequences. To restore the balance, we must cease the cavalier use of carbon and abandon the illusion that human happiness flows from unbridled acquisition and excessive consumption. We must manage our inheritance better if we are not to destroy it.

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