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We have commissioned in-depth research from leading think tanks across the world on the questions underpinning the Global Agenda. This programme will continue, meanwhile, we are making the insights that emerge from our own research, and those we derive from related programmes, available for discussion.

Posted Nov 18, 2018|  by Seán Cleary, FutureWorld Foundation

Three reports in October make clear the need to act decisively to avert a tragedy of the commons that risks making the earth uninhabitable for our species: • The IPCC’s Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5°C, which sets a hard target of slashing GHG... Read More

Posted on Dec 05, 2012 | in category: Delivering sustainable economic growth | by Seán Cleary, Executive Vice Chair, FutureWorld Foundation;

FutureWorld Foundation - Tackling the Global Gordian Knot: Can economic growth be socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable? Our need to manage systemic global risks, and to protect the global commons, calls for betterglobal governance. The tension between the short-term pressures on national leaders from theircitizens...  Read More

Posted on Dec 13, 2012 | in category: Delivering sustainable economic growth | by Seán Cleary. Executive Vice Chair, FutureWorld Foundation

Gross domestic product (GDP) is an inadequate yardstick for measuring economic progress. Not only does it encourage unsustainable levels of consumption and accumulation, it fails to capture many of the important things that actually shape and define our quality of life — health, education, social...  Read More

Posted on Sep 11, 2018 | in category: Delivering sustainable economic growth | by FutureWorld Foundation, Seán Cleary

Developments within establishments as well as young democracies have put pressure on the democratic model. Citizens seem to have become alienated from democratic institutions, on both national and supra-national levels as stresses within Europe show. The rise of populism on the left and the right...  Read More

Posted on Jun 17, 2014 | in category: Delivering sustainable economic growth | by FutureWorld Foundation, Seán Cleary

Macro-prudential supervision aims to detect the emergence of systemic risk and identify remedial action before crisis . It must be applied in a highly complex and integrated financial system, in which micro-prudential banking supervision cannot provide stability. Former ECB President Jean-Claude Trichet identified the need...  Read More

Posted on Mar 17, 2014 | in category: Delivering sustainable economic growth | by  Seán Cleary, FutureWorld Foundation

The evolution of global circumstances is shaped by significant trends, observable over longer periods, that affect countries, regions and communities in different but related ways. The landscape in 2014 is marked by uncertainty about the global economy at the end of the deepest recession since...  Read More

Posted on Jul 06, 2014 | in category: Delivering sustainable economic growth | by Seán Cleary, Executive Vice Chair, FutureWorld Foundation

The digital age may lead to the replacement of employees in many repetitive tasks. Robotics, three-dimensional printing, driverless electric cars, and revolutionary composite materials are changing the social and economic landscape. Automation of repetitive manual and mental jobs seems inevitable given the acceleration of CPU...  Read More

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