Other Voices

While we have particular views on many issues on the Global Agenda, and have commissioned and will continue to promote research into questions affecting these, we are also conscious of the valuable work being done by many other institutions and researchers, some of whom have decades of experience in grappling with aspects of these challenging topics.

In this section of the site – Other Voices – by far the largest of all, we offer a wide cross-section of views and insights.

Posted on Aug 15, 2023 | in category: Delivering sustainable economic growth | by La Revista de Prensa

image The speed at which battery technologies are evolving, and their ingredients changing, could undercut efforts at cartelisation. As the world moves from an energy system built on fossil fuels to...  Read More

Posted on Aug 14, 2023 | in category: Sharing core norms and values | by Brookings Institution

image In this qualitative study by the Brookings Institution, Brad Olsen, Nica Basuel, Rohan Carter Rau, Molly Curtiss Wyss et al  address three research questions: What key themes and factors...  Read More

Posted on Aug 14, 2023 | in category: Delivering sustainable economic growth | by Peterson Institute for International Economics

image In 2022, when much of China was under zero-COVID lockdowns, private investment growth was still positive. But at a time when there are no zero-COVID restrictions on movement anymore and much...  Read More

Posted on Aug 14, 2023 | in category: Improving global governance | by Bretton Woods Project

image Twenty-five years after its last major reform, the World Bank is embarking on a wide review of its mission, operational procedures and financial mechanisms. Since 2020,  Read More

Posted on Aug 14, 2023 | in category: Addressing vulnerability and promoting security | by OECD – Credit Suisse

image Mismanaged plastic waste becomes plastic pollution. Each year more than 350 million metric tons of plastic become plastic waste, of which approximately 80 million metric tons (22 percent) is...  Read More

Posted on Aug 11, 2023 | in category: Improving global governance | by Politico

image Presently none of the eastern European trio - Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia – are NATO members and, in light of Russia’s threat, there is now an existential security reason to effect...  Read More