Improving global governance

Improving the quality of global governance and our global institutions - for most of the important challenges we face in a highly-connected world can only be resolved in this way.

The multilateral system, with the UN at its core, is under pressure from within. The EU has maintained a stable presence in the UN, but is faced with fragmentation which weakens its ability to defend its agenda for a rules-based multilateral system. Although the EU and its member states contribute the largest aggregate sum to the UN system,... Read More

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Posted on Aug 09, 2020 | in category: Improving global governance | by Lowly Institute, Bobo Lo

In this report for the Lowly Institute, Bobo Lo addresses two narratives of international relations that have emerged in recent years: first, that the liberal, rules-based order is in decline...  Read More

Posted on Jul 05, 2020 | in category: Improving global governance | by Elcano Institute, NicolettaPirozzi, Funda Tekin, lke Toygür

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed gaps in the European project affecting its ability to respond to citizens’ needs, and posing a question for the EU’s survival. Germany has the task...  Read More

Posted on Jun 12, 2020 | in category: Improving global governance | by  Center for International Governance Innovation, Hector Torres,

In the rules-based pre-COVID-19 world order, capital could roam freely around the globe in search of opportunity and Read More

Posted on Jul 10, 2020 | in category: Improving global governance | by  Saferworld, Ali Altiok, Jordan Street

Since its adoption seventy-five years ago, the UN Charter has defined an institution with three founding pillars: peace and security, human rights, and development.  In this...  Read More

Posted on Jul 01, 2020 | in category: Improving global governance | by Center for International Governance Innovation

The root causes of the current globalisation crisis originate well before the COVID-19 pandemic. James Boughton suggests in this paper for the Center for International Governance Innovation that...  Read More

Posted on May 31, 2020 | in category: Improving global governance | by E-International Relations, Alexander Brotman,

For many EU states, democracy is not a natural condition but a newly consolidated one.  The COVID-19 pandemic is likely to exacerbate divides in Europe and tests the EU in responding to...  Read More

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