Improving global governance

Improving the quality of global governance and our global institutions - for most of the important challenges we face in a highly-connected world can only be resolved in this way.

The multilateral system, with the UN at its core, is under pressure from within. The EU has maintained a stable presence in the UN, but is faced with fragmentation which weakens its ability to defend its agenda for a rules-based multilateral system. Although the EU and its member states contribute the largest aggregate sum to the UN system,... Read More

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Posted on Apr 17, 2021 | in category: Improving global governance | by European Think Tanks Group, Chloe Teevan, Luca Barana, Daniele Fattibene et al

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Considering the interests and goals of the Biden. administration, this collection of essays - compiled by Rosa Balfour of Carnegie Europe - looks at how Europe can design its foreign policy...  Read More

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