The Power of Parity - How Advancing Women’s Equality can add $12 Trillion to Global Growth

Delivering sustainable economic growth
Posted Sep 30, 2015 | McKinsey Global Institute

Gender inequality is not only a pressing social issue but also a critical economic challenge. Only 36 women are likely to hold leadership roles for every 100 men worldwide, and about 2.5 billion women globally do not enjoy adequate legal protection. Analysing data from 95 countries that generate 97 percent of global GDP, this report by the McKinsey Global Institute finds that if those countries were to match the improvement rate of the fastest-improving country in their regions, women would add $12 trillion to the annual global gross domestic product by 2025. If those countries allowed women to play the same roles as men in labour markets, women could add $28 trillion to the global annual GDP by 2025. advancing womens equality can add 12 trillion to global growth/MGI Power of parity_Full report_September 2015.ashx


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