Mend It, Don´t End It: The Case for Upgrading the G20’s Pledge on Protectionism

Improving global governance
Posted Sep 26, 2018 | G20 Insights, Simon Evenett, Sait Akman, Axel Berger et al

As more than 200 new policy interventions that harm foreign commercial interests are implemented each quarter by G20 governments, leaders need to expand the G20 anti-protectionist pledge and upgrade their monitoring. In this contribution to G20 Insights, Simon  Evenett, Sait Akman, Axel Berger et al call on G20 leaders to prevent discriminatory policy interventions, unless a widely-accepted exception is invoked that is justified by evidence; unless it is the least distortive measure possible; unless it is, implemented only after completing established procedures; and is subject to timely review. Relevant international organisations need to redouble their monitoring efforts in line with this principles-based approach, and to improve their coverage of the services’ and intangible economies.


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