The UN’s Gender Parity Goals: The Backlash Begins

Improving global governance
Posted Feb 07, 2019 | NYU Center on International Cooperation, Anne Marie Goetz, Paige Arthur

UN Secretary-General António Guterres’s gender parity strategy, which aims to achieve equality throughout the UN system by 2028, is facing headwinds. He has achieved success in senior appointments, where the target of partity is likely to be reached before the deadline of 2021 -. Yet Anne Marie Goetz and Paige Arthur suggest in this report for the NYU Center on International Cooperation that the gender parity effort faces challenges from staff unions; structural blockages; and faltering political will. As the retirement age was raised to 65 from 62, fewer positions are open, while funding cuts and restructuring cause downsizing, which drives competition for the surviving midlevel positions. In the peace and security pillar, peacekeeping - with its historically male-dominated field operations, faces the biggest difficulties.


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