Is Brexit a Culture War or a Class War?

Sharing core norms and values
Posted Aug 31, 2019 | Vox CEPR Policy Portal, Simon Wren-Lewis

Simon Wren-Lewis argues in the article for Vox CEPR Policy Portal that conceptualising Brexit as essentially a culture war and not a class war contains much truth, but leaves some questions unresolved, as politics must be viewed in two dimensions. The first is the traditional left/right division that used to be the mainstay of politics. The second is the dimension of culture or identity. At one end of the cultural dimension are the social conservatives, at the other the social liberals, who value diversity and tolerance and who dislike borders. The roots of the current populism are based on an economic dynamic where growth occurs primarily in large cities, restricting its spread through dynamism, knowledge, wealth or power, to the rest of the country.


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