The World Isn’t Ready for AI to Upend the Global Economy

Delivering sustainable economic growth
Posted Oct 05, 2019 | Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Steven Weber, Charlotte Stanton

An AI value chain includes data collection, data storage, data preparation and engineering, algorithm training, and algorithm development, whereas globalization refers to the increasing mobility of goods, money, ideas, and people across national boundaries. Steven Weber, Charlotte Stanton show, in this article for the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, that thinking about AI in these terms makes it clear that some countries are in better shape to compete, using AI than others. They suggest that the AI and machine learning economy is not evolving efficiently, partly as a result of rising economic nationalism. The machine learning economy looks set to shape a different landscape of inequality. First-mover advantages, positive feedback growth loops, and the small pockets of highly talented people in certain geographies will combine to create superstar economies.


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