Accelerating Poverty Reduction in Africa

Reducing poverty and improving equity
Posted Oct 17, 2019 | World Bank publication, Kathleen Beegle, Luc Christiaensen

Despite Africa’s widespread economic and social welfare accomplishments, economic growth has slowed in recent years, and poverty rates in many countries are the highest in the world. And notably, the number of poor in Africa is rising because of population growth. In this World Bank publication, Kathleen Beegle and Luc Christiaensen explore policy entry points to address the demographic, societal, and political drivers of poverty; improve income-earning opportunities on and off the farm; and better mobilise resources for the poor. They look beyond macroeconomic stability and growth to ask what more could be done and where policy makers should focus their attention to speed up poverty reduction. The pro-poor policy agenda advanced in this volume requires not only economic growth where the poor work and live, but mitigation of the risks to which African households are exposed


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