Latest- Late Fertility? Decline and Resurgence of Late Parenthood across the Low-fertility Countries

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Posted Jul 20, 2020 | Population and Development Review, Eva Beaujouan

The growing demand for childbearing at advanced ages is creating a need for cutting-edge medical assistance and considerate health management of older mothers’ to prevent complications in pregnancy. In Western and Northern Europe in particular, women’s and men’s educational, employment and family trajectories are becoming similar. In this article from the Population and Development Review, Eva Beaujouan investigates recent changes in late parenthood across low-fertility countries against the past, using long series of age-specific fertility rates from the Human Fertility Database (1950–2016) for women, and new data for 1990–2016 for men. Comparisons between recent and past extremely late (age 48 ) fertility levels confirm that people are now challenging natural fertility barriers, particularly for a first child.


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