Africa First! Igniting a Growth Revolution

Delivering sustainable economic growth
Posted Oct 03, 2020 | Institute for Security Studies, jakkie Cilliers, 'Africa Rise'

In 1960 Africa accounted for just below three percent of the global economy. Sixty years later that share is largely unchanged despite its share of the global population almost doubling from nine percent to 17 percent. This policy brief by the Institute for Security Studies summarises Jakkie Cilliers’ book Africa First in which he examines the continent’s development pathway and how Africa can deliver on its potential. Although Africa has extraordinary potential for economic growth and development, its plans rarely translate into reality. Dr Cilliers presents a scenario to 2040 that sees improvements in economic growth, average income and poverty reduction. This, he suggests, can be achieved by a drop in fertility rates below 2.8 children per woman and by exploiting Africa’s demographic dividend, using technology to leapfrog its developmental constraints, and benefit from trade integration by rapidly implementing the African Continental Free Trade Area.


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