Material and Discursive Militarisation in Democracies

Addressing vulnerability and promoting security
Posted Jan 07, 2021 | German Institute for Global and Area Studies, David Kuehn, Yagil Levy

Recent years have seen the expansion of the visibility and social role on the military in many democracies. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, this had raised concerns about a return of the military as a political actor and the militarisation of democratic politics. In this article for the German Institute for Global and Area Studies (GIGA), David Kuehn and Yagil Levy voice concern that over time, these militarised discourses could lead to material militarization, and the erosion of civilian control and democratic quality. Particularly in unstable recipient countries, external actors should, therefore, focus not only on reigning in military coups and other forms of undue military influence on democratic politics, but also support the demilitarisation of security discourses.


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