Building Workforce Skills at Scale to thrive during—and after—the COVID-19 Crisis

Delivering sustainable economic growth
Posted May 05, 2021 | McKinsey

This McKinsey Global Survey on reskilling emphasises the need to address skill gaps across industries. Asked about 25 specific skills that companies see the need to address through reskilling, more than half of respondents focused on developing leadership, critical thinking and decision-making, and project management skills. Compared with the results from 2019, the biggest increases in focus fall into two categories: social and emotional skills - for example, empathy, leadership, and adaptability. When companies address the transformation of skills by focusing on the need for specific skills, designing a portfolio of initiatives to close skill gaps, and creating an organizational structure that is dedicated to learning - the odds for success are nearly guaranteed. Functions/Organization/Our Insights/Building workforce skills at scale to thrive during and after the COVID 19 crisis/Building-workforce-skills-at-scale-to-thrive-during-and after-the-COVID-19-crisis.pdf?shouldIndex=false


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