Five Years on from the World Humanitarian Summit: Lots of Talk, no Revolution

Improving global governance
Posted Jun 01, 2021 | Overseas Development Institute, Oliver Lough, Sorcha O'Callaghan

The Humanitarian Policy Group has found that humanitarian action has not become more demand-driven, largely due to a consistent lack of political interest in participation, combined with a lack of incentives. The limited effects of donor pressure suggest that the required change will not come from within the system. Oliver Lough and Sorcha O'Callaghan argue in this article by the Overseas Development Institute that change will not happen without addressing the structural power dynamics of the humanitarian system, which privileges the interests of aid actors over crisis affected populations. They suggest that aid agencies must be compelled, rather than encouraged, to put people’s needs first, and to listen to their priorities by exacting financial and reputational consequences for a failure to do so.


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