From the Street to the Peace Table: Nonviolent Mobilization during Intrastate Peace Processes

Addressing vulnerability and promoting security
Posted Sep 30, 2021 | US Institute for Peace, VĂ©ronique Dudouet

Nonviolent grassroots movements often spur transitions to peace and democracy but are rarely invited to play a role in formal peace processes. In this report by the US Institute for Peace, Véronique Dudouet examines the strategies they employ and provides insights for grassroots movements mobilizing for peace or change in Myanmar, South Sudan, Syria, Yemen, Guatemala, and Nepal, and elsewhere. She describes the types of social movements that may emerge during armed conflicts and the different strategies they may adopt at different junctures to influence the peace process, including participation, representation, consultation, and mass protest action. The report concludes with key recommendations for social movements to prepare themselves for effective engagement during peace processes and for third-party mediators to ensure that their interventions “do no harm.”


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