Visions of Order in the Indo-Pacific: Strengthening Alliance-Based Security Cooperation

Addressing vulnerability and promoting security
Posted Sep 30, 2021 | Hudson Institute, James Przystup

This study by the Hudson Institute fucuses on efforts by governments of the Indo-Pacific region to address strategic change in response to the multi-faceted challenges posed by the rise of China. Also explored are Beijing’s challenges to the existing rules-based regional and international order and efforts by governments to advance their respective individual and shared interests. James Przystup focuses on three lines of effort: diplomacy and defence, infrastructure and development, and economics and trade. He illustrates actions taken in Washington, Tokyo, and Canberra to support a shared vision of a Free and Open Indo-Pacific and concludes with policy recommendations for the United States and the Biden administration. of Order in the Indo-Pacific - Strengthening Alliance-Based Security Cooperation.pdf


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