Elusive Truths: Why Good Policies Alone Won’t Save Democracy

Addressing vulnerability and promoting security
Posted Dec 20, 2021 | Georgetown Journal of International Affairs

Disinformation poses a threat to health of digital ecosystems as well as the physical health and safety of citizens. Those who subvert truth are taking aim at democratic institutions by undermining citizens’ trust in public authority, while basic norms and principles related to openness, honesty and truth are under attack. The dilemma cuts to the heart of Western democracies. Teresa Eder warns in her article for the Georgetown Journal of International Affairs that in this environment, policy solutions will not generate the consensus needed to repair the social fabric. Achieving this will require democratic leaders and citizens to reinvigorate civil discourse, foster resilient local institutions, and burst the filter bubbles in which people have become immersed. Schools are the first line of defense for democracy and students need to reacquire the skills to sort truth from falsehoods and form opinions based on facts.



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