Inclusion is not Enough to Achieve Gender and Equality in Global Peace and Security

Addressing vulnerability and promoting security
Posted Dec 21, 2021 | Danish Institute for International Studies

Criticisms of how UN peacekeeping practices reproduce historical inequalities along the lines of race and gender, challenges the legitimacy of the peacekeeping system.

In theirs report for the Danish Institute for International Studies, Marie Cold-Ravnkilde, Marsha Henry et al focus on the role of international peacekeeping as a lens for understanding of global structures of inequality and multiple systems of power, especially with respect to gendered and racial relations. They call for an intersectional lens to examine how systems of power, including gender, race, North-South axes, age, class and religion, co-exist and interact with each other. Troop-contributing countries could include intersectional perspectives as part of the change required in the military’s cultural environment


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