Human Centric Smart Cities. Redefining the Smart City

Delivering sustainable economic growth
Posted Jun 16, 2022 | Hertie School of Governance, Luciana Cingolani, Keegan McBride, Gerhard Hammerschmid

Urbanization and rural flight, technological development, and globalization are continuing to elevate the importance of cities within societies. Technological conceptualizations of smart cities are no longer adequate today. Drawing on insight generated from an international symposium organized for the City of Berlin on the future of smart cities, this policy brief of the Hertie School of Governance discusses an alternative:  human centric smart cities that practice smart governance, are collaborative, focused on user needs, supportive of innovation, and oriented towards the development of wellbeing and the creation of public value for their  citizens. Luciana CingolaniKeegan McBride, and Gerhard Hammerschmid set out four core aspects: human centricity, inter-sectoral collaboration, data governance, and administrative capacity. They offer recommendations on how to develop and implement human centric smart city strategies.


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