Moving Targets: Social Protection as a Link between Humanitarianism, Development and Displacement

Reducing poverty and improving equity
Jun 16, 2022 | Institute of Development Studies, Michael Collyer, Dolf te Lintelo et al

A more dynamic, mobile lifestyle has significant attractions, particularly for younger displaced people, enabling them to find a location which meets their needs. A key attraction of social protection is the potential it offers to mirror this mobility. If social assistance were linked to the individual, rather than the location, individuals would be able to access support where needed, suggest Michael Collyer, Dolf te Lintelo et al in this research paper by the Institute of Development Studies. Their focus is on social protection as a mechanism for linking humanitarian and development responses to displacement. This has enormous potential, particularly when social protection means something more transformative than a minimal safety net as it encompasses eligibility for  education, health care and work. The authors conclude with four suggestions of areas where further research can help to determine how and if the potential for social protection to offer more sustainable responses to displacement is being realised.;isAllowed=y

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