How Investing in Trade Finance can be Profitable and Help SMEs Thrive

Delivering sustainable economic growth
Posted Jul 07, 2022 | World Economic Forum, Christoph Gugelmann, Edgard Carneiro Vieira

Trade constitutes the backbone of every economy and 80-90 percent of global trade requires financing. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) account for around 90 percent of companies and more than half of the jobs worldwide, according to the World Bank. Christoph Gugelmann and Edgard Carneiro Vieira note in their article for the World Economic Forum that SMEs are often underserved and lack access to affordable trade finance. The drafting of new regulations would benefit from public-private cooperation. Through collaboration, technical innovation and consideration of societal and environmental aspects, investors can play a more active role in trade finance - not only to build a profitable portfolio of assets but also to contribute directly to bridging the trade finance gap and enabling future economic growth.


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