The IMF, Africa, and Climate Change -Making Sense of an Implausible Trilogy

Delivering sustainable economic growth
Posted Jul 16, 2022 | Center for Global Development, Daniel Citrin, Daouda Sembene

Although African countries contribute relatively little to global emissions, they remain significantly vulnerable to the devastating economic effects of this phenomenon.  In this paper by the Center for Global Development, Daniel Citrin and Daouda Sembene explore how best African countries can be supported to cope with the climate change-related macroeconomic policy and structural challenges. To this end, while recognizing the relative significance of the overall IMF contribution to addressing this global challenge, they make several recommendations about potential ways to strengthen the role of IMF surveillance, capacity development and financing. To enable timely responses to climate-related crises, staff teams should provide advice on a flexible basis, without being tied to formal periodic work schedules. Additionally, the IMF could facilitate adaptation and mitigation by engaging in intensive outreach activities about the economic impact of climate change.


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