Rising Inequality risks Regional Collapse and Climate Catastrophe

Addressing vulnerability and promoting security
Posted Sep 02, 2022 | Club of Rome

A recent Earth4All survey on attitudes to transformation has found that, among G20 countries, 74 percent of people supported an economic systems-change approach that goes beyond a singular focus on profit and growth, to encompass health and the planet. But the Club of Rome’s publication "Earth for All: A Survival Guide for Humanity" warns that if left unchecked, rising inequality in the next 50 years will lead to increasingly dysfunctional societies. In this commentary, EurekAlert emphasises the need to shift from the age of endless growth to an age of thriving in balance. The book explores two scenarios from 1980 to 2100, entitled Too Little, Too Late and The Giant Leap to show how population, economies, resource use, pollution, wellbeing and social tensions might change in this century, based on decisions made this decade. That is why the authors also argue for the creation of a financial innovation, the Citizen’s Fund, to distribute the wealth of the global commons to all people as a Universal Basic Dividend.



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