Striking Back at the Empire: Ukrainians Converge on Values and National Belonging

Addressing vulnerability and promoting security
Posted Sep 19, 2022 | PONARS Eurasia

Ukrainian society has not only mobilized for defense but is showing increasing support for its elected president and for democratic values and institutions. In this PONARS Eurasia report, Mikhail Alexseev and Serhii Dembitskyi  draw these conclusions from a statistical analysis of a new panel survey of Ukraine’s National Academy of Sciences Institute of Sociology (UNASIS)  with fieldwork by the independent Ukrainian polling agency Rating Group. This rise in trust is part of the mounting sense that Ukraine rightfully belongs to the core alliance of democracies: Support for joining the European Union rose among the 475 repeat respondents from 53 percent in December 2021 to about 84 percent in July 2022. Ukrainians with lower income and education levels, middle-aged respondents, and respondents speaking mostly Russian at home who expressed significantly lower support than others for NATO and EU membership in 2021 now express it about as strongly as other Ukrainians.


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