New Order with a Blend of Western Liberalism and Eastern Civilizational Nationalism

Sharing core norms and values
Posted Oct 13, 2022 | Institute Montaigne

Ethics and values should guide states so that hegemonies and might-is-right machinations do not dominate international relations. Noting the increasingly heteropolar world, Ram Madhav advocates for a new world order based on 21st century realities: one where nationalism and liberalism can coexist and where the Global South is a primary stakeholder. In his article for the Institute Montaigne, he reasons that in place of laissez-faire capitalism or oppressive communism, a new economic doctrine based on Swadeshi (localization) and Atma Nirbharta (self-reliance) can be developed, in which the concept of global markets will be replaced by that of a global family, and where cooperation replaces competition. On the question of international relations, in place of the rules-based world order, people should strive to build a values-based and ethical world order.


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