Winter 2023 Issue: New Economic World Order

Improving global governance
Posted Jan 24, 2023 | Internationale Politik

In this interactive quarterly by Internationale Politik, various experts reflect on how the EU can respond to and influence current changes in the global economy. Economic sanctions against Russia by Ukraine’s international supporters will continue to weaken Russia’s economy the longer they are in place However, as Vladislav Inozemtsev suggests, Russia’s economic self-destruction may change the world’s geoeconomic order. The EU should play a key role in shaping the changes taking place, Gabriel Felbermayr and Guntram Wolff argue. “Germany and the EU must consider foreign economic policy in a more strategic and integral manner. Then it will be possible to shape the upcoming transformations of globalization in the interest of Europe.” Sabine Weyand, the EU’s Director-General for Trade, thinks Europe is well-positioned to do so through its triad of values - openness, sustainability, and assertiveness.


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