Climate Futures Outlook

Addressing vulnerability and promoting security
Posted Mar 01, 2023 | Hamburg Climate Futures Outlook

The purpose of this second Hamburg Climate Futures Outlook is to assess systematically the plausibility of a climate future in which the Paris Agreement temperature goals are attained, namely holding global warming to well below 2°C and, if possible, to 1.5°C, relative to pre-industrial levels. According to the study to which more than 60 experts have contributed, the best hope for shaping a positive climate future lies in the ability of society to make fundamental changes (“human agency”). Assessing plausible climate futures involves addressing a complex combination of social and physical dynamics. The authors outline a Plausibility Assessment Framework to guide and integrate social and physical plausibility assessments and analyze the dynamics of ten dominant social drivers of decarbonization and of six select physical processes of public interest.


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