Freedom in the World 2023

Addressing vulnerability and promoting security
Posted Mar 14, 2023 | Freedom House

This annual flagship report by Freedom House shows that the desire for freedom is enduring. In 2022, the grades of 35 countries dropped while 34 countries improved - marking an overall decline in global freedoms. While last year was marred by external and internal attacks on democratic institutions, it was also a year in which democracies banded together to assert the importance of human rights at international institutions. Sixty countries declined, vastly outnumbering the 25 countries that recorded improvements. In 2020, the situation was even bleaker: 73 countries declined while only 28 improved. The most serious setbacks for freedom and democracy were the result of war, coups, and attacks on democratic institutions by illiberal incumbents. Among the 57 Not Free countries in the world, China ranks near the absolute bottom in terms of overall political rights and civil liberties.


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