Optimism for the European Union in the Face of Crises

Improving global governance
Posted Mar 14, 2023 | Wilson Center

Ever since its establishment, the EU has been criticized for its slow-acting institutional apparatus, and was at times viewed internally and externally as excessively bureaucratic. The leadership of the Franco-German alliance and the post-COVID-19 recovery plan NextGenerationEU haveled all 27 member states to demonstrate their willingness to preserve the internal market and the cohesion of the EU. This, in turn, has reinforced European citizens' faith in EU institutions and processes. Elisabeth Koch and Jason Moyer note in their article for the Wilson Center that the new role of the EU as a security actor has upended decades of policy, prompting a reconsideration of the EU as a military power rather than a soft power. The multifaceted layers of support for Ukraine on display by the EU’s leadership in Kyiv are a watershed moment in the EU’s enhanced role as a global power. 



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