Gendered Migrant Integration Policies in the EU - Are we Moving Towards Delivery of Equality, Non-discrimination and Inclusion?

Addressing vulnerability and promoting security
Posted Mar 16, 2023 | Center for European Policy Studies

In light of the Ukraine crisis, where most of the refugees who came to the EU were women and children, policymakers and authorities are concerned about how to implement ‘gender responsive’ and ‘gender sensitive’ or ‘gender aware’ initiatives without reproducing gender stereotypes. while responding to newcomers’ specific needs. In their project report for the Center for European Policy Studies,  Roberto Cortinovis, Lina Vosyliute, and Helena Wack recommend that EU and national policymakers consider the following principles: Policies should be grounded on the ‘do no harm’ principle; policies should be ‘needs based’, and articulated by migrant men and women; and the proposed initiatives must advance agency or empower migrants, and be participative and inclusive.


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