The Global Nuclear Balance: Nuclear Forces and Key Trends in Nuclear Modernization

Addressing vulnerability and promoting security
Posted Apr 28, 2023 | CSIS

In this CSIS article, Anthony Cordesman illustrates some of the ways that experts portray the changes taking place in the nuclear balance between the major powers, the emergence of China as a strategic nuclear great power, and the shifts taking place in other nuclear forces like those of the United Kingdom, France, North Korea, Iran, Israel, India, and Pakistan. He provides an overview of recent U.S. force planning and intelligence data on U.S. nuclear forces and the Russian and Chinese threats and compares summary estimates of global nuclear and related missile forces by the International Institute for Strategic Studies, the Federation of American Scientists and Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, and CSIS. 2.pdf?VersionId=DOuD0qi0fgNdCrm9RWh_NMN8jyBBqabJ


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