The Monarchy Helps UK Avoid Difficult Constitutional Questions

Addressing vulnerability and promoting security
May 16, 2023 | Chatham House Weekend Comment

King Charles III is likely to be a careful, dedicated, and successful monarch, but the value of his role extends far beyond his individual performance, suggests Bronwen Maddox in her Chatham House Weekend Comment. The existence of the monarchy also spares the country from having to work out what would replace it. The solidity and predictability of the royal succession contrasts with the tussle over rules for the timing of elections, now again at the government’s discretion. The UK has the luxury of being able to evolve its constitutional arrangements with a degree of improvision and informality that seems incomprehensible to many countries, precisely because at the top there is the unchanging figure of the monarch. House&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=13913441_CH - CH Newsletter - 05.05.2023&utm_content=Monarchy-Title&dm_i=1S3M,8A7OH,NUT5ZR,Y1UR9,1

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