On Advancing Global AI Governance

Delivering sustainable economic growth
Posted May 16, 2023 | Center for International Governance Innovation

Artificial intelligence (AI) constitutes a general-purpose technology – perhaps one with transformative potential not seen since the Industrial Revolution. Beyond domestic policy, AI will become increasingly central in geopolitics and international cooperation, changing the worlds of finance, development, trade, climate change, military operations and security. Yet Paul Samson reasons in his article for the Center for International Governance Innovation that even with that shift, no consensus has emerged on how to approach the global digital transformation. The author suggests a complementary approach based on the lessons of the global financial crisis, a Financial Stability Board. Indeed, a G7 leader-empowered “Digital Stability Board” or another informal, technical-driven group could build multi-stakeholder processes to coordinate work on prioritizing standards for AI and ensure it keeps up with the latest changes in technology.



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