A BRICS Revival?

Improving global governance
Posted May 16, 2023 | Project Syndicate

The BRICS countries are attempting to build a new world order, “and the appeal of their cause among other disgruntled countries is growing", argues Ana Palacio in her article for Project Syndicate. Though the group’s institutional framework remains underdeveloped, the motivations that led to its creation have not diminished – and are unlikely to at any time soon. The author suggests that the BRICS and their supplicants appear to be both united and driven by grievances. The West’s inability - or unwillingness – to reform global governance so that emerging economies like China and India have greater influence, has compounded these grievances. Their shared viewpoint is that the West - legitimate or not - cannot alone define or support a rules-based world order. For the West, the BRICS’ growing influence holds an important lesson. If the current international order is to remain relevant, the institutions that comprise it will have to change.



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