Government Decision Making on Education in Low- and Middle-income Countries -Understanding the Fit among Innovation, Scaling Strategy, and broader Environment

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Aug 14, 2023 | Brookings Institution

In this qualitative study by the Brookings Institution, Brad Olsen, Nica Basuel, Rohan Carter Rau, Molly Curtiss Wyss et al  address three research questions: What key themes and factors comprise and influence national and regional decision making on the scaling of education innovations in LMICs; how do public-sector national and regional decisionmakers approach scaling; and what are the broader components of the decision making ecosystem, how are they positioned, and how do they interrelate?. The research reveals that the decision to scale rarely has to do solely with the particular innovation, but rather how it is positioned in the wider education ecosystem. In short, this report emphasizes how important it is to recognize that decision-making around innovations happens within a complex education ecosystem.

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