Social Investment in Immigrants: Why and How?

Addressing vulnerability and promoting security
Oct 11, 2023 | Intereconomics

Poorer working and housing conditions,over-representation in essential frontline jobs and fewer possibilities forremote work, as well as language barriers, contributed to significantly higherhealth risks among migrants. Holger Boninsuggests in his article for Intereconomics that in the coming years, thestructural transformation towards a digital and green European economy willplace higher skill demands on individual workers and accelerate labour marketturnover. There are significant external benefits toimproving immigrants’ skill levels to enable their better integration.  Immigrants make, on average, higher netpayments into public coffers over their life course. However, since immigrants in manysettings are systematically disadvantaged in both school and vocationaltraining, they could suffer, rather than benefit, from this development, andfall even further behind non-immigrants economically and socially.

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