Biofortification: A Responsible Research and Innovation Strategy for the G20

Delivering sustainable economic growth
Oct 11, 2023 | Observer Research Foundation

Biofortification is anagricultural-nutrition intervention that uses conventional breeding, agronomic,and transgenic techniques to increase the density of vitamins and minerals instaple food crops. Micronutrient deficiencies account for about 7.3 percent ofthe global burden of disease, while 42 percent of children less than five yearsof age and 40 percent of pregnant women worldwide are anemic, note KrishnaRavi Srinivas, P. K. Anand, and Suresh Babu in their article for the ObserverResearch Foundation. Poor nutritional quality of the food supplied, andmicronutrient deficiency are major issues inhibiting food security, adequatenutrition and better health in developing, and least developed countries, asthis has implications for the growth and development of future generations. Giventhe urgent need to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and to meetchallenges in food security, nutrition, and global health, biofortification isan option that can be harnessed effectively.

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