International Migration Outlook 2023

Addressing vulnerability and promoting security
Nov 09, 2023 | OECD

This OECD publication analyses recentdevelopments in migration movements and the labour market inclusion ofimmigrants in member countries. With more than six million new permanentimmigrants (not including Ukrainian refugees), permanent-type migration toOECD countries reached a record level in 2022. This was driven byincreases in humanitarian and managed labour migration, along with accompanyingfamily members. More than one in three OECD countries registered theirhighest levels in at least 15 years, with several countries, includingCanada and the United Kingdom, reporting the highest figures on record. Overtwo million new asylum applications were lodged in OECD countries in2022, well above the 2015/16 previous record of 1.7 million and twice the2021 level. Acquisitions of citizenship in OECD countries also reached anew high in 2022, at 2.8 million.

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