Pandemic Accord: An Obligation to Share the Necessary Medical Goods

Addressing vulnerability and promoting security
Nov 10, 2023 | German Institute for International and Security Affairs

The main point of contention in thenegotiations on the pandemic accord is the fair distribution of medicalsupplies. Resolving it requires meeting an obligation to share medical countermeasures,say MichaelBayerlein, PedroVillarreal and Fernanda their article for the GermanInstitute for International and Security Affairs. While the procedures forexchange and collaboration via open platforms already work well, centralizedsystems have shown weaknesses because they must link access and benefit-sharingto a complex legal framework that includes multiple private contracts, makingthe rapid transfer of data more difficult and inhibiting transparency in thesharing of medical countermeasures. Equitable access to medical countermeasurescould be ensured by creating an unconditional obligation to share.

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