From Countering to Preventing Radicalisation through Education: Limits and Opportunities

Sharing core norms and values
Jan 25, 2024 | Hague Institute for Global Justice

Interventions at the level of secondary andhigher education have sought to identify early signs of radicalization, and to addressvulnerable individuals, who often belong to the same religious or ethnic groupsas the persons engaged in radicalization. These approaches have weakened socialcohesion by demonizing certain communities and underscoring stereotypes. Relyingon evidence from research in education and peacebuilding, this paper by AgneseMacaluso for the Hague Institute for Global Justice argues that schoolsshould be a forum in which values are questioned and openly discussed, in whichcritical thinking and the exchange of different ideas and perspectives areencouraged. Because education is paramount in shaping values and behavior and inadvancing identity formation, the author advises shifting the focus of these preventivepolicies from secondary to primary education.

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