What Grand Strategy for Europe? Three Competing Visions and One Proposal

Improving global governance
Feb 26, 2024 | Center for Security, Diplomacy and Strategy, Brussels

European leaders have undertaken to set outthe strategic agenda of the European Union (EU) for the years ahead, butdysfunctional politics across Europe and a series of international crises riskstifling their resolve. In this paper by the Center for Security, Diplomacyand Strategy, Brussels, Giovanni Grevi argues that empowering Europeto meet citizens’ expectations is essential for the legitimacy of the EU. The papercontributes to the elaboration of the EU’s strategic agenda by outlining andtesting competing strategic perspectives – Shaping Power, TransatlanticPartner and Sovereign Europe. This exercise aims to support astrategic debate, which is an integral part of the effort to build a Europeanstrategic community and culture. The authors also deliver a strategicproposition, outlining broad priorities for the EU to address connectedchallenges and transitions.


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