Nuclear Weapons

Addressing vulnerability and promoting security
Mar 11, 2024 | Our World in Data

The world’s nuclear powers have more than 12 000 nuclear warheads which cankill millions directly and through their impact on agriculture, likely have the potential to kill billions. Intheir Our World in Data presentation, Bastian Herre, Pablo Rosado, Max Roser andJoe Hasell present writing, visualizations, and data on thestates with nuclear weapons, the number of warheads each possesses, and howthis has changed over time. After increasing for almost half a centuryafter their creation in the 1940s, nuclear arsenals reached over 60000 warheadsin 1986. Since then, the trend has reversed.The nuclear powersreduced their arsenals in the following decades, and the number of warheadsfell below 20 000 in the 2010s. The decline has slowed sincethen, with the total stockpile around 2 000 warheads.

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