Did Secularisation Kill God? Changes in Religiosity and Values Among Natives and Migrants in Europe

Sharing core norms and values
Apr 05, 2024 | Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies

This study of the Wilfried MartensCentre for European Studies provides an assessment of the disparities insecularisation between the migrant and native populations in the EU. Authors TommasoVirgili and Benedetta Panchetti suggest that although religion is a force thatcontinues to shape societal culture, secularisation – the progressiveautonomisation of societal sectors from religious meaning and institutions – isgaining strength across the bloc. They find that north-western, mainlyProtestant, EU countries are the most secularised, while eastern, mainlyOrthodox ones, exhibit higher levels of religiosity, and more conservativevalues compared to native populations. Their study advocates for policies thatpromote secularism and socio-cultural assimilation to foster societal cohesionwhile celebrating diversity.


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