Great Power Competition Will Drive Irregular Conflicts

Addressing vulnerability and promoting security
May 03, 2024 | War on the Rocks

Some of the most strategicallyconsequential Cold War failures for the United States and the Soviet Union camedown, in large part, to bad handling of irregular warfare environments. Someimportant observations are emerging that can help U.S. decision-makersunderstand and prepare for conflicts on the horizon, note Jacob Shapiro andLiam Collins in this article for Waron the Rocks. Often led by civilian government agencies, informationprovision and relationship building played a central role during the Cold War. Tocompete with China and Russia, the U.S. must focus on actors beyond the ChineseCommunist Party and the Kremlin. The United States needs to pursue engagementaround the world in places whose strategic importance is not immediately clearto the public - and where U.S. engagement may have outsized impact.

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