Cultural Inputs and Military Strategies: The Imamate in Contemporary Iran

Sharing core norms and values
Jul 03, 2024 | The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies

Iran, the country of the Persiancivilisation, has consistently aspired to greatness in its geostrategicpositioning. Since Iran become an Islamic Republic in 1979 based on vilayete-faqih, the “guardianship of the jurist”, the Shi’a Supreme Leader, it hasbuilt institutions on to its Islamic model, including defence and securitystrategies. But it has not transferred the imamate beyond Iranian borders. Inthis HCSS guest paper, Fatima Moussaoui suggests that the reality of thepolitical and religious functioning of the Islamic republic of Iran ismisunderstood by the West. The imamate has gone beyond its political-economic,theological, and social missions and now carries within it a strategic andmilitary background dimension.

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